When you think of some of the best things about travel, the list doesn't stop... food, people, adventure, history, the sites, and the CULTURE... 

When traveling, and two or more of the things above happen, it's a very memorable moment. In a lot of cases, unforgettable. So what do you do? You do what any tourist would do in the 21st century, you document it with facebook, instagram, or you snapchat! 

Let's talk about some of the things people like to take pictures of. Off the top of my head, people go crazy over beaches. Nothing is more calming than perfect blue skies and the matching ocean blue. We've all seen the pictures and felt the effects of these pictures have on our everyday psyche. Makes you wanna pack up and go.  

However, in my opinion, some of the most magical views are the ones taken closer to GOD. These are the mountain range pictures packed with beauty and wonder. To see such a heavenly view live and in person is tough to explain, it's just something you need to experience. These kind of views are the ones that make you wanna rethink life and your leisure activities because it's THAT AMAZING.  

This brings me to: "LUNCH WITH A VIEW" : 

I once had "LUNCH WITH A VIEW"  and I could never stop thinking about it. I was skiing in the alps mountain for hours and my friend and I can across a restaurant sitting on top of a mountain with an even better view of another mountain. Enough talk ...take a look for yourself... Eating french fries in France! 


One other time I enjoyed "LUNCH WITH A VIEW" was in Morocco. Have you ever tried Tagine? It's a traditional meal and I ate in front of Morocco's largest waterfall - Ouzoud Falls



To me, this is all about Philing The Culture. When your favorite Phil The Culture moment combines with another, it's a great time to document. These pictures are what Philing The Culture is all about. Two great travel moments rolled in ONE ... This is, LUNCH WITH A VIEW!